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How to create freedom from food

Letting go of bad food habits can be hard to do, especially when you don’t know how. But if you’ve made up your mind that you want to make a change for the better, it’s time to let go of the excuses and start to do something about what and the way you eat. Melissa Hartwig, the co-creator of the Whole30 plan, is back to offer her wisdom on how to get rid of anxiety around food and food guilt. Her healthy food plan explains how you can find the right balance by eating good – and bad – foods without having to sob into your pillow at night (don’t worry, we’ve all been there). Gone are the fad diets. It’s time for a new start. Welcome to Food Freedom. 

What is food freedom?

- When you feel happy, confident and in control of your food for the first time in a long time.

- When you eat whatever you want without negative consequences to your health and waistline.

- Giving up your obsession with calorie counting, food restrictions and the scales.

- Feeling in control of food, instead of feeling like food is controlling you.

Why food freedom?

You have no-one to answer to (bliss!) because you get to make the decision on eating that cupcake or chocolate bar. It’s you who knows which foods are the special ones to save, so when you do get to sample their naughtiness, you can have it without feeling guilt or shame, or punishing yourself after eating it. You can feel confident in your choice and the energy you saved obsessing over foods can be put into something way more productive. 

How do you do food freedom?

Simple. It’s just a three-step plan:

Step 1 – reset your health, habits and relationship with food

Step 2 – enjoy your food freedom

Step 3 – acknowledge when you’re starting to slip Repeat as needed.

What do you mean slip?

It’s inevitable that some people will fall off the wagon. Cravings will kick in and diets will be hard to maintain. Unhealthy habits can’t die over night after all. But this is ok. Stumbles are unavoidable because no-one is perfect, especially when it comes to food. Instead of beating yourself up about it, these slip-ups should be used as a learning curve and each time you do it, you’ll learn how to recover, rest and regain control.

What’s Whole30?

A 30-day dietary plan designed to change your health, habits and relationships with food. It’s penned by Melissa Hartwig and doesn’t require calorie counting, pills, powders, shakes, weighing, measuring or tracking your food. Animal protein intake is required and there are tough rules, forward planning and prepping to take into account. For 30 days, you don’t eat the stuff you really like, even if you think it is healthy. The whole plan is about balance, health and being in control of what you eat, which in turn will help educate you towards food freedom.

For more information, read Food Freedom Forever: letting go of bad habits, guilt and anxiety around food (£12.99, Piatkus) by Melissa Hartwig.